Twilled Weave

Twilled Weave Wire Mesh


Contrary to plain weave, two lines of the main and cross wires are interweaved alternately. It is possible to use a wire thicker then the mesh of twilled weave and, it ha an advantage of vulcanization being small because the angle of refraction of the main and cross wires is big. It is suitable for cases of comparatively high or much load.
The Twilled Weave is produced by passing each fill wire alternately over and under two warp wires. The pattern is staggered on successive warp wires, giving the appearance of parallel diagonal lines. This weave allows the use of proportionately heavier wires in a particular mesh count (number of openings per lineal inch) than is possible in plain weave. This cloth has a wide application capable of supporting greater loads and finer filtrations


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